Opiate Dependence

Opioid addiction is a disease caused by the misuse of opioids. That is, opioid addiction or dependence is a medical/mental condition that results from changes in the brain in susceptible people because of the over use of opioids. Fortunately, medications and counseling can improve the chances of success. Research shows that opioid addiction can cause both physical and mental problems in a person. When using opioids, tolerance develops quickly and so the person will intake the substance in more amount. An addiction manifests with a physical dependency to the substance. That means, if he or she stops using the substance, he or she will feel very bad symptoms such as sweating, muscle aches etc. Opioid withdrawal is difficult to endure, and is a major reason for relapse and continued prescription drug abuse. Medications are used to prevent symptoms of opioid withdrawal during detox, easing the person out of physical dependence. Skilled psychiatrists like Dr Bierrenbach can offer effective medications and counseling to assist patients with addictions.